Membership Application

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Application for Chapter Membership shall be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary, using the appropriate form approved by the Executive Committee (as per attached), along with a cheque for RM550 being  payment of entrance fee (RM300) and membership subscription fee for the year (RM250). The cheque to be made payable to PATA MALAYSIA CHAPTER.

Application for Membership must be sponsored and seconded by two (2) Chapter Members.

The application shall be presented to the Executive Committee for approval/rejection at the Executive Committee meeting or via e-mail circulation.    Approval of the application shall be by a simple majority of the Executive Committee Members. No reason need be given to applicant for rejection of Membership application.

Upon Approval of the Membership application, a formal letter of approval with a  Membership Number, along with a Membership Certificate and a copy of the PMC Constitution (Rules & Bye-Laws), will be sent to the Applicant.

Membership Update:
Members are required to update the PMC Secretariat immediately of any changes within their organization, such as changes in their official/alternate delegates  to PMC and their contact details, using the Membership Update Form (as per attached).

1. Membership Application Form
2. Membership Update Form