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Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) :
The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is an international membership association
and is the world’s leader of and authority on Pacific Asia travel and tourism. Founded in
Hawaii in 1951 and now headquartered in Bangkok/Thailand, PATA is an Association
with a membership of nearly 2000 organizations including governments and
destinations, airlines and cruise lines, hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and other
tourism-related corporations and companies, educational institutions, financial and
consultancy services and media. PATA’s mission is to enhance the growth, value and
quality of Pacific Asia travel and tourism for the benefit of the membership of PATA.
Augmenting the efforts of PATA is an international network of chapters in 40+ locations

PATA Malaysia Chapter (PMC) :
The PATA Malaysia Chapter (PMC) established in 1975, is an extension of the
Association (PATA) to assist in translating the global objectives of PATA into local action
within Malaysia, through operating programs and activities relevant to local communities
and also avail the facilities of PATA to all Chapter members.

PMC has the vision to be Malaysia’s leading voice on travel and tourism within Asia-
Pacific and its mission is to create value for tourism stakeholders through private and
public sector collaboration and also to promote the sustainable growth of travel &
tourism to, from and within Malaysia.

Current membership of 94 comprise government sectors, airlines, educational
institutions, hotels, tour & travel agents and other organizations/associations connected
with the tourism & hospitality industry.

Tourism Malaysia took over the helm of PMC since 2012, considering the historical
benefits contributed by PATA in the gradual transformation of Tourism Malaysia and the
development of the tourism industry in Malaysia through key events such as PATA
Conferences, Travel Marts and Annual Meetings hosted in Malaysia.

The current chairman of PMC is Y.Bhg. Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, the
Director General of Tourism Malaysia.

Secretariat: Mr GP Subramaniam
Executive Secretary
PATA Malaysia Chapter
6 th Floor, No. 2, Tower 1,
Jalan P5/6, Precinct 5,
62200 Putrajaya

Tel. (D/L) : 603-8891 8957
Mobile No. : 6019-339 3162
Fax No. : 603-8891 8788
E-Mail : patamalaysia@gmail.com
Website : www.patamalaysia.org